Project Description

Take the NEXA showroom to the consumer


We designed and manufactured a portable display concept that could hero the new Maruti Suzuki S-Cross, as well as express the NEXA brand values in an experiential way. We called it the ‘NEXA Terminal’. Inspired by the Black & Silver minimal design language of the NEXA, the NEXA Terminal was designed to carry forward the look.

Covering key Malls and Corporate Centers across Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore over a one month period - the Terminal invited prospects to get familiar with the S-Cross , with a Virtual Reality Showroom experience. Prospects experienced the plush NEXA life, got queries addressed and were also pitched to book the S-Cross.


NEXA Terminal Visitors: 35000
Demonstrations: 14575
VR Experience: 7915
Bookings: 20

Feature Set
  • Design & Activation

  • VR APP

  • Social Media Amplification

Event Video