Windows Phone Store Seller | Shopper Marketing

Project Description

In the hypercompetitive Indian Mobile Phone market, with brands fighting tooth and nail for consumer share, the most important link in the selling process is the ‘Store Seller’ (salesperson hired to push the brand to store walk-ins). Having the ‘Store Seller’ on your side for product advocacy is of utmost importance.

However, research threw up these barriers to advocacy:

  • Not enough time spent on product
  • Can’t keep up with what’s new in the fast changing mobile phone market
  • Legacy of issues and perceptions
  • No brand relationship with the store seller

Our brief was to meet the challenge & build a relationship with the store seller.


We created a comprehensive Skill Development Program, targeting 1500 Store Sellers across 350 stores, as their true partners in their progress, to educate & empower the Store Seller, arming him/her with Windows Phone product skills for the shop floor, hand-holding through the journey and leveraging the returns.

The program ran over 4 months, in 3 phases –Workshop for Store Sellers & Marshals (with a focus on training them at the ‘Pocket Singh’ App (a unique app developed for the storesellers to train and reward) ; Marshal Refresh (OJT, Knowledge Assessment etc) and Operation Sting Audit (Mystery Audit to check efficacy of the Workshop and Training)

  • Approx. 60% growth in Product Knowledge & Demo skills (Pre & Post Workshop Assessment)
  • Marshals achieved 7 store touches per day against the targeted 3
  • Pocket Singh App – 3 Levels of Knowledge Certification on the Windows platform along with product information make the App a valuable addition to the RSPs arsenal to sell better .

The skill certifications achieved -

  • RSP Level 1: 675
  • RSP Level 2: 646
  • RSP Level 3: 550

Upward jump in product off-take from participating outlets (pre & post campaign assessment)

Rahul Datta
Marcom Lead

"The campaign has had a tremendous impact on the shop floor, with the store seller feeling a strong sense of brand commitment and enhanced product knowledge which has translated into better consumer interactions, brand advocacy and product off-take."

Feature Set
  • APP Development

  • Special Technologies

  • Communication Design

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