Project Description

Translate Maruti Suzuki’s Auto Expo presence into ‘A little bit of Maruti in their heart’ as a visitor takeaway. Bring alive the brand proposition by creating an energetic and dynamic space. Generate ‘smart conversations’ around Maruti’s presence, offline and online.


Maruti Suzuki’s iconic brand might was translated into a tangible experience at the booth , under the ‘CELEBRATE’ mother communication. The experiences covered the span of product launches ( concept cars S Cross Concept and S Cross Ciaz ; ‘Symphony of Celebrations’ – a 13 minute timed experience that combined screen based films, live performers, musicians et al (18 shows, 30 performers, 62,000 + audience, 94,000 Social Reach) ; Celebrating Maruti Motorsports (9 shows, 48,500 audience, 83,000 Social Reach, 960 Tweets) ; Celebrating Blockbusters (14 shows, 1500 portfolios, 24000 activity audience , 65400 FB Reach) ; Digital Visitor Engagements (Step it Up, Style your Drive) ; Special technologies including Google Glasses, Vuzix Smart Glasses, RFID Registrations – all created a highly engaging visitor experience.


Social results
5,61,000 people touched in 07 days
Highest SOV of 39% with a total 17,390 mentions
Most vibrant on Twitter with a healthy 23% positive sentiment
Most talked about brand at Auto Expo ( source : Komli)

Feature Set
  • APP Development

  • Social Media Amplification

  • Special Technologies

  • Celebrity Engagement

  • Films & Anthem Production

  • Communication Design

Event Video