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01 August 2016

The Communique Experience: Where's My Dope?

Sometime in October 2015, on a Monday morning, I head to the HQ to discuss upcoming projects with G (As her Email signature says). Everybody, just like what you’d expect in an office environment, is doing their thing. I meet G to discuss a few changes from yesterday’s artwork and then something cool happens. (At least seems cool to me in the moment). She asks her colleague to “Get Shivil the Dope”.

Now I don’t know these guys for long but I feel they’re pretty chilled out. But THAT chilled out? I’m instantly like “Cooool” with my head going in all directions. (Yeah I’m someone open to new experiences)

It took me 17 seconds to figure out the “Dope” is what these guys call “Content” for their projects. Epic office slang, I must admit! You already know what I say next, “Cooool”.

Now I don’t know how dope feels like, but I definitely know the “High” I get working with Communique.

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